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German Genitive Verbs


German Genitive Verbs

There are only a few verbs that use the genitive case. These verbs are usually found in formal writing (literature, in court or at the police station). They are rarely used in conversational German.

During conversations, a genitive verb can be easily replaced by another verb with the same meaning. Another easier way is to add a preposition. Here’s a list of genitive verbs in German:-

bedürfento need / require
gedenkento commemorate
sich erinnernto remember
sich brüstento brag / boast about
sich schämento be ashamed of
sich vergewissernto make sure of / ascertain
sich enthaltento abstain from
verdächtigento suspect of
  • Er bedarf meiner Hilfe. (He needs my help.)
    Here, the verb bedürfen can be replaced by the verb brauchen. So, the same sentence can be written as – Er braucht meine Hilfe.
  • Ich schäme mich meiner Dummheit. (I am ashamed of my foolishness.)
    Here, we can add the preposition für. So, the same sentence can be written as – Ich schäme mich für meine Dummheit.

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